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   Novell Novell Support Connection
Novell Canada
Novell Support Connection Site Map
Developer Net
Novell TID Finder (sample TID=10058071)

   Compaq Compaq
Support Software
Support Software for Compaq Servers
Compaq Canada - Home Page
Version Control Database (SP0965 )
FTP Softpaq's

   IBM US PC Company
List of Server files sorted by Name
Server Compatibility

   Microsoft Microsoft Technical Support Software Library
MS Windows 95 Software Library
Microsoft Canada
MicroSoft Developers Network

   Antivirus Norton Antivirus Definition updates
McAfee Definition updates
Intel Landesk Definition Updates

   References Comspec Reference Site (
US Robotics Pilot
Drivers HQ

   Internet Stuff SEARCH.COM
Winsock Development

   Calgary Cadvision
Canada Connect
Crowfoot Shopping and Service Guide
Westpoint Aviation
Canadian Aviation Web

   Publications TechWeb -- The Technology Super Site
PC Magazine Online
Network Computing Online
PC World
PC Magazine
Internet World
Windows Magazine

   Stock Market Telenium Stock Quotes
Alberta Stock Exchange, List By Symbol
Founders Energy Ltd.
Royal Bank Sign-in

   Other Stuff Discovery Connection
Life on the Internet, A beginners guide